For All Black Women



For All Black Women



For All Black Women



For All Black Women

No Matter Your Age or Your Problem, Re-Gro has the answer.

Re-Gro’s active ingredient is FDA approved to be safe and effective for black women of all cultures: African-American, African, Caribbean, Culturally Mixed, and more. Re-Gro has original hair loss products, such as the Re-Gro Kit and Maintenance Hair Loss Solution, along with the newly introduced Re-Gro Break No More Oils, which address hair loss and breakage in the temples/edges and spot hair loss from chemicals or coloring.

The Science and Testimony About Re-Gro

Regrow Your Beautiful Hair in 90 Days!

Re-Gro Break No More Maintenance

Strengthening Shampoo

One 8.5 oz. bottle of Re-Gro Strengthening Shampoo, specially formulated to strengthen, remove build-up, and nurture new growth.

Intensive Conditioner

One 8.5 oz. bottle of Re-Gro Intensive Conditioner, with our exclusive complex of organic emollients and special blend of vitamins that restores moisture and leaves hair strong and healthy.

Scalp Moisturizer

One 4 oz. jar of Re-Gro Scalp Moisturizer. Use daily to smooth and cool dry, itchy scalp, often caused by dandruff and other irritating conditions. Using Re-Gro Scalp Moisturizer also prepares the scalp to accept new hair growth.

Hair Strengthening Cream

One 4 oz. jar of Re-Gro Strengthening Cream, our anti-breakage formula that provides superior strength, mends split ends, and provides heat protection for your hair.

Thickening Cream

One 4 oz. jar of Re-Gro Thickening Cream strengthens and adds protein thickeners to instantly thicken the hair and retard breakage. Also adds fullness and natural shine to hair making it more manageable.

Ready to get your maintenance kit?

Re-Gro Naturals

Growth Stimulating Sulfate-free Shampoo

Formulated to cleanse and detangle without stripping hair of its natural vital and protective nutrients, balance moisture, stop thinning hair and promote hair growth.

Moisturizing Conditioner

Designed to Maximize Hair Growth while smoothing and sealing hair cuticles damaged by coloring or thermal straightening. Provides intense conditioning while gently detangling the curliest of hair types.

Stretch and Set Anti-Shrinkage Gel

Designed to Maximize Hair Growth while optimizing curl definition and elongating hair to its maximum length. Excellent for twist-outs or the ultimate stretch, set and go!

Growth Accelerator

A concentrated treatment of our Pro-Gro Complex which will stimulate the natural production of collagen in the scalp which strengthens the hair follicle to increase hair growth.

Pro-gro Complex Hair Growth Vitamins+

Regro Naturals hair growth vitamins are the first vitamin infused with Black currant seed oil. An excellent DHT blocker to stop thinning hair and promote growing longer stronger healthy hair in weeks.

Maximize your hair growth naturally!


Break No More


Re-Gro Break No More Oils with Oil Gro Complex will stop breakage in delicate areas of the hair like the temple, edges, spot breakage form color and relaxers— areas that require special attention. These oils are specially formulated with our Oil Gro Complex which is a proprietary oil blend of Chia Oil, Black Currant and Primrose Oil that will add protein, essential omega fatty acids, and other natural oils that will aid in hair growth.



Dried chia seeds are an excellent plant-based source of protein, with 16% of their weight being protein. Protein is crucial for healthy hair growth, and insufficient protein in the diet may cause slow hair growth and hair loss.


Black currant oil is an unusually powerful nutritional oil with many health benefits. Ahead is how the gamma linoleic acid and other nutrition in black currant seed oil may help treat and prevent thinning hair, the best dosage for hair loss and other potential benefits of black currant oil.


Primrose oil, derived from the seeds of the primrose wildflower, contains high amounts of the essential fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid, or GLA. An omega-6 fatty acid, GLA stimulates hair growth and skin regeneration. Primrose seeds contain approximately 25% essential fatty acids, which may reduce inflammation and improve skin, hair, and nail health.

Do you want to stop hair breakage?

Re-Gro Relaxer Kits

Re-Gro, the hair regrowth specialist, is revolutionizing the way you relax your hair. With Re-Gro Growth Maximizing No-Lye Relaxer System no longer does relaxing your hair have to be a drying dilemma. Now, you can achieve superior straightness while nurturing your new growth. It is uniquely formulated with Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, and Willow Herb to provide a Natural Moisture Protection to reduce breakage and dryness while maximizing the growth potential of your hair.

Revolutionize the way you relax your hair.